Progressive Health & Safety Consulting

Progressive Health & Safety Consulting (PHSC) is a Human Resources Management consulting firm that focuses on:


Helping Organizations Help Themselves



PHSC Practice Strategy


In the areas of Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S), Occupational Health Nursing, and Disability Management, PHSC:

  • Provides consulting and project management services
  • Provides instructional services
  • Develops and delivers educational offerings (conference, seminar, or workshop presentations)
  • Authors books, articles, and instructional materials
  • Promotes the advancement of the OH&S, Occupational Health Nursing, and Disability Management fields of endeavour by:
  • Mentoring and coaching other professionals/practitioners
  • Striving to improve the practice quality
  • Advocating "Best Practice" approaches



  • Individualized consulting service
  • Reliable project management
  • Collaborative and consultative planning
  • Program design, implementation, marketing and  evaluation
  • "Best Practice" approaches
  • OH&S/DMP education and training
  • Innovative approaches designed to address organizational need


See for Yourself


To gain a better understanding of what PHSC is all about - and how your organization can benefit from PHSC's services - have a look at some of our services and offerings - Books and Resources.