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University of Fredericton


Integrated Disability Management Program Professional Diploma 


Dianne Dyck provides advanced education in Disability Management Programming through the University of Frederiction. Check out the Integrated Disability Management Programming Certificate, and Integrated Disability Management Programming Professional Diploma. These program assist Human Resources, Occupational Health & Safety, Occupational Health, Workers' Compensation Board practitioners, and employers and union leaders to address and manage workplace illness/injury absences.


These IDMP Programs are offered year-round. Find out of they are valuable option for your workplace. For more information, refer to: - Programs



Continuing Education Modules


There are 18 Continuing Education (CE) Modules accessible through the University of Fredericton. Fourteen modules address Integrated Workpalce Health Management and their successful completion along with three competency examinations, enables the learner to attain an Integrated Workplace Health Management Certificate.


As well, there are:


CE001 - DMP: Basic Medical Terminology & Pharmacology - offers the learner valauble information on terms commonly encountered in the field of Disability Management


CE016 - IWHM: Organization Behaviour and Workplace Health, Safety and Well-being - explains how the organizational system and players impact worker helath and safely.


CE017 - DMP: Communication, Negotiation and Mediation - This module addresses topics like workpalce conflict, conflict resolution, negotiation techniques, mediation, coaching and mentoring are explored.


CE018 - Effective Business Communication