Dianne has authored a number of textbooks:

  • Disability Management: Theory, Strategy & Industry Practice, 6th ed. (2017)
  • Occupational Health & Safety: Theory, Strategy & Industry Practice, 4th ed. (2020)
  • A Practical Guide to Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace (2015)
  • Disability Management: Compliance Manual (2010) - currently out of print


Dianne has also authored many peer-reviewed journal articles:

  • The Great Safety Performance Model - AAOHN Journal
  • Disability Management - AAOHN Journal
  • Case Management Standards - AAOHN Journal
  • Role of EAP in Disability Management - EAP Digest
  • Career Streaming - AAOHN Journal
  • Managed Rehabilitative Care AAOHN Journal
  • Management of Chronic Fatigue AAOHN Journal
  • Fitness to Travel AAOHN Journal
  • Client Satisfaction Survey - Gap Analysis AAOHN Journal
  • Disability Management:  Hype or Good Business Practice - Calgary HR Magazine
  • Organizational Stress and Health, The Toxic Workplace -AAOHN Journal
  • Outsourcing Occupational Health Services AAOHN Journal
  • The Impact of Four Generations in the Workplace on OH&S Programs - OOHNA Journal
  • OH&S Risk Management & Communication
  • OH&S Best Practices
  • The Future of Disability Management: Ten Years Out
  • OHNs Role in WHMIS - OOHNA Journal
  • OH&S: A Profession or Not (delivered in New Zealand, 2008)
  • OH&S Project Management (delivered in New Zealand, 2008)
  • OH&S Project Management: The OHN’s Role - OOHNA Journal
  • Disability Management Nursing Best Practices (Vancouver 2009 & OOHNA Journal)
  • Managing Disability Management Claims with Strong Psychosocial Overtones (Vancouver 2009 & OOHNA Journal)
  • New Disability Management Tools: Assets for the OHNs (OOHNA Journal, 2014)
  • Integrated Workplace Health Management: The Role of the OHN (OOHNA Journal, 2015)
  • Are We Making a Difference? Work Absence Changes (AARN Journal, 2015)
  • Disability Management Education: Does the Instructional Delivery Modality Make a Difference? (Health & Safety, Vol. 64(2), 2016)
  • Effective Management of Psychological Disability Claims (OOHNA Journal, November 2016)
  • Occupational Health Nurse Entrepreneurs: What Does it Take? (OOHNA Journal, November, 2016)
  • Occupational Health Nurses: Return on Investment (OOHNA Journal, November 2017)
  • Case Management: Where Theory Meets Occupational Health Nursing Theory (OOHNA Journal, Fall/Winter 2019)
  • Workplace 2020: How It Will Impact Disability Management  (OOHNA Journal, Fall/Winter 2020)


Dianne has produced 36 IDMP: E-workbooks as mandatory companion resources for the IDMP courses offered through the University of Fredericton (UFred). As well, there are 18 Continuing Education Modules and E-workbooks that address Intergrated Workplace Health Management and IDMP - also offered through UFred.