Other Educational Resources

Disability Management Program: E-workbooks

Disability Management Program: E-workbooks are available for participants involved in an advanced Disability Management educational program. Each e-workbook is designed to accompany the content of one of the Integrated Disability Management Program classes offered through the Uiversity of Fredericton or an equivalent institution, as well as the Disability Management Theory, Strategy & Industry Practice, 5th edition.


These e-workbooks are available directly through this website, and sell for $12 each.

Continuing Education Modules





Online through the University of Fredericton, Continuing Education (CE) Modules are available 24/7, 365 days per year. Delivered as asynchronous recordings accompanied by e-workbooks and resource readings, this advanced education is readily available to a variety of practitioners (OH&S, Disability Management, Human Resources, Insurance, Allied Health, Occupational Health Practitioners). Each CE Module constitutes 6 hours of study and address topics such as:  


IDMP - Basic Medical & Pharmacological Terminology

IWHM - Health Promotion vs Health Protection vs Illness or injury

IWHM - Factors that Impact Workplace Safety, Health and Well-being

IWHM - Impact of Change on Workplace Safety, Health and Well-being

IWHM - Drivers for Safety, Health and Well-being

IWHM - Impact of Leadership and Culture on Health, Safety & Well-being

IWHM - Program Components and Functions

IWHM - Health Protection Programs - Components and Functions

IWHM - Illness & Injury Management Programs

IWHM - Hazards in the Workplace

IWHM - Impact of Work-Life Balance on Health, Safety & Well-being

IWHM - Building a Business Case for an IWHM

IWHM – Role of the Various Stakeholders

IWHM - National Standard for Psychological Health & Safety in the

IWHM - Impact of a Toxic Work Environment

IDMP - Organizational Behaviour

IDMP - Communication, Negotiation and Mediation

Effective Business Communication